About us

Who we are?

Law, Environment y Environment and Natural Resources (DAR) is commited to build governance, sustainable development and to promote indigenous peoples’ rights in the Amazon.

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Strategic objectives

Founded on knowledge management, advocacy in public policies, empowering stakeholders, strengthening institutionalism and the promotion of social oversight.

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Where we work

The work of DAR has been developed at the local, regional, national and international levels, so to contribute to the country’s development.

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Rights and Amazon

The Amazon Programme seeks to integrate national citizenship with supranational spaces of decision making. It focuses on...

Climate Change and Forests

Promotes governance and the ecosystems approach in the management, conservation and sustainable use of forests. For this…

Governance and Environmental Management

DAR promotes the implementation of socio-environmental management tools in public management and the promotion of sustainable investments…


Loreto Office

The decentralised Loreto Office was created in October 2011, and since then has worked in coordination with the public sector and civil society to strengthen development planning and environmental ...

Our team

Directorio DAR

We count on a team of professionals with experience and widely acknowledged in social and environmental themes, committed to the sustainable development of the country.

Our current authorities are:

  • Vanessa Cueto La Rosa, President.


  • César Gamboa Balbín, Executive Director.


  • Lelia Frias Aldave, Administrative Manager.


  • Vanessa Cueto La Rosa, GEM Programme Coordinator.


  • Iris Olivera Gómez, CCF Programme Coordinator.


  • Diandra Torres Mongue, Coordinator - DAR Loreto.


  • Francisco Rivasplata Cabrera, RA Programme Coordinator.


Who we work with



We coordinate with regional and national decision makers with competencies on the elaboration of environmental public policies, environmental planning and oversight, and indigenous institutionalism.


International Financial Institutions

We draw the attention of international banks that grant loans to implement projects in the Amazon, in order to enhance their social and environmental safeguards, and transparency policies.


Indigenous organizations

Their capacities are strengthened for the knowledge of their collective rights, especially the rights to territory and natural resources. Similarly, we work on strengthening indigenous surveillance.


Civil society

We coordinate with different organizations in order to achieve common goals, leading diverse groups and participation spaces.