Currently we promote primarily the following topics:

Indigenous Rights

breyna24Knowledge, respect and fulfillment of the rights of indigenous peoples is a condition of good governance, especially in countries like Peru characterized by cultural diversity and multiplicity of indigenous peoples.

Therefore, DAR works in knowledge generation, promotion, advocacy and empowerment of actors for the proper exercise, implementation, safeguard and guarantee of the collective rights of indigenous peoples, especially the right to free, prior and informed consultation, the territory and the use of natural resources. DAR addresses these rights in public policies and the development of extractive activities and infrastructure.

Indigenous Surveillance

P1230993 In recent years the Government of Peru has promoted or executed many public and economic policies without complying with citizen participation rights or the right to consultation and indigenous participation. This situation meant the exclusion of indigenous peoples from decision-making that may affect their identity or their territories and natural resources associated with them.

This is why DAR seeks to contribute to eliminate discrimination against Amazon indigenous peoples, guaranteeing their rights to consent and participate in the decisions made on their territories and natural resources, strengthening the initiatives that indigenous organizations are implementing to protect their rights and territories, such as indigenous surveillance systems.

Amazon Ecosystems Sustainable Managemen

P1080864The Peruvian Amazon occupies over 70% of the country and is characterized by its biological and cultural diversity, as well as its rich natural resources. Nevertheless, Peru does not have public policies articulated in a intersectoral and intergovernmental way that could promote and implement sustainable and inclusive development actions based on ecosystems management and use of natural resources, and its articulation with the social base.

Therefore, DAR promotes policies and actions that promote good management of the Amazon ecosystems, through the assurance of tenure rights of land in the Amazon, mechanisms for access to comprehensive management of forests, incentives for the development of forests and adaptation of forest management to climate change, among other actions.