Transparency in the extractive sector


The project "Promoting transparency and environmental participation in the extractive sector"
 aims to promote socially and environmentally sustainable investments, through improving government transparency practices, environmental participation and governance in tenders, environmental assessment and the implementation of commitments to climate change in Peru.

- Status: Ongoing
- Term: February 2016 – December 2017
- Supported by: Open Society Foundations (OSF).


Environmental Standard

P1230993The project "Promotion of social and environmental standards and strengthening evaluation and environmental institutions and citizen oversight for investments in the energy sector in the Peruvian Amazon ", promotes public policies that respect socio-environmental standards regarding hydrocarbon projects that have an environmental and social impact on vulnerable areas. This project also aims to strengthen environmental assessment tools such as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (EAE, in Spanish), the Systems Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA, in Spanish), the Environmental Control (SINEFA, in Spanish), and citizen surveillance in the context of hydrocarbon activities with social and environmental potential impacts.

- Status: Done
- Term: April 2013 - March 2016.
- Con el apoyo de: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Transparency in mining and energy sectors


The project Promoting good governance and transparency in the mining and energy sector  aims to improve government practices of transparency and access to information as well asgood governance in bidding processes, environmental assessment and in the implementation of Peruvian climate change commitments.

- Status: Done
- Term: January-December 2015.
- Supported by: Open Society Foundations (OSF).

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Sustainable investment


The project "Supportingthe sustainability of the lower basin of the Urubamba River threatened by large energy and infrastructure projects"  aims to enhance good governance practices in the region of Cusco in order to generate a participatory process for regional energy planning.

- Status: Done
- Term: Septembre 2014 – August 2015.
- Supported by: Porticus.