What we do?


The decentralised Loreto Office was created in October 2011, and has worked since then in coordination with the public sector and civil society to strengthen development planning and environmental management of the Loreto department.

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We work on boosting the Strategic Environmental Assessment (EAE, in Spanish) and land management, best practices in hydrocarbon activities and the prevention of impacts of oil palm, among other topics.

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Here you will find a description of the main activities, events and campaigns carried out in the framework of joint work to achieve sustainable Loreto and Amazon with proper planning and environmental management.

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Environmental Planning and Management

This project seeks to strengthen national and regional governance to identify, implement and fund strategic measures aimed at conserving...


LP and NPA

The "Land Planning and Natural Protected Areas" seeks to improve the effectiveness of environmental governance in Loreto...

Co-Gestión en ACR

The project "Strengthening Environmental Governance in Loreto: Consolidation of co-management in the Regional Conservation Area...


Sustainable Loreto

Sustainable Loreto project aims to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (EAE, in Spanish) in Loreto...

Members of the Office

Decentralised Loreto Office

The members of the program comprise an interdisciplinary team that allows a comprehensive approach to the various issues.

Participation spaces


Land Planning Platform

The platform is a collective, composed of civil society organizations and local and regional associations...


Regional Environmental Comission (CAR) - Loreto

It is the environmental management instance responsible for coordinating and arranging the regional environmental policy, articulating...


Regional Technical Commission of EEZ for LP of Loreto

Body responsible for coordination and consultation process for the LP EEZ of Loreto, promoting dialogue...


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