Espacios de Participación


Land Management Platform

The platform is a collective, composed of civil society organizations and local and regional associations in the country, which are intended to promote the implementation of a land use policy. The Platform is composed of CooperAcción, Cima Cordillera Azul, Fedepaz, Grufides, Mountain Institute, Red Muqui, DAR, Citizen Proposal, SER Association, the National Assembly of Regional Governments (AGNR), the Network of Rural Municipalities - REMURPE and Association of Municipalities of Peru - AMPE.


Regional Environmental Commission - CAR Loreto

This Instance of environmental management is responsible for coordinating and arranging the regional environmental policy, promoting dialogue and agreement between the public, private and civil society sectors, coordinating environmental policies with the Ministry of Environment (Regional Ordinance No. 014-2010-GRL- CR). Also in the framework of the CAR-L we participated in the following technical groups:
- Regional Technical Group of Wetlands of Loreto.
- Technical Commission of Prime Watersheds Basins Loreto.


Regional Technical Commission for Economic Ecological Zoning Zoning in the Department of Loreto

Multisectoral instance, responsible of the coordination and consultation process for the EEZ for Land Management of Loreto, promoting dialogue and agreement between the public, private and civil society.


REDD-Loreto Roundtable

Space of interest and creation of mechanisms for technical, political, financial and social consultation, whose purpose is to build a regional model that will be an input to prevent deforestation and degradation of our forests, articulated to the implementation of the Regional Strategy on Climate Change Loreto Regional Biodiversity Strategy-ERDB Loreto, the Regional Forest Plan, the Regional system of Conservation Areas and strengthen national REDD processes.


Roundtable for Poverty Reduction - Loreto Region Roundtable

Space that brings together state institutions and civil society to set up, discuss, coordinate and agree by consensus on the most transparent, fair and efficient way to fight poverty, also develop concerted follow-up actions to the implementation of Public Policies in the region.