Planning and Environmental Management in Loreto

breyna24The "Planning and Environmental Management in Loreto"  project aims to strengthen national and regional governance to identify, implement and fund strategic measures aimed at conservation of ecosystems of Loreto and reduce social and environmental risks associated with big scale economic activities infrastructure.

Status: Ongoing
Term: October 2015- December 2016
Supported by: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Land Planning and Natural Protected Areas

breyna24The project "Land Planning and Natural Protected Areas" seeks to improve the effectiveness of environmental governance in Loreto, integrating protected areas / indigenous territory and environmental safeguards in territorial planning and development.
Status: Done
Term: 2013-2015
Supported by: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Co-Management in ACR

P1230993The Proyect " Strengthening Environmental Governance in Loreto: Consolidation of co-management in the area of Community Regional Conservation Tamshiyacu - Tahuayo  ", (ACR CTT), aims to consolidate and strengthen the Management Committee ACR CTT in their capacities for governance environmental and development and implementation of mechanisms of co-management.

Status: Done
Term: Julio 2014 - Julio 2015
Con el apoyo de: Fondo de las Américas - FONDAM


Sustainable Loreto

P1080864Sustainable Loreto project sought to create the conditions needed for the implementation of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (EAE, in Spanish) in Loreto:
-At technical-scientific level, disseminate and collect cartographic and scientific information on forests and biodiversity of Loreto as a basis to develop EAE.
-At economic level, identify funding sources that enable the EAE.
-At institutional level, capacity building in public institutions so that the EAE can be carried out and maximize their results in the decision making process in Loreto.

Transversely, flagship projects in the sectors of oil, biofuels and infrastructure in Loreto, are monitored, promoting good practices in these activities.
-status: Done
-Term: 2011-2013
-Partner: The Center for International Environmental Law – CIEL
-Supported: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation