What we do

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The Amazon program seeks to integrate national citizenship in supranational decision-making spaces. Their lines of work are promoting access to information, public participation ...

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The Amazon Program prioritizes the promotion of transparency and participation in the delivery of climate financing, REDD implementation projects ...

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Publication of studies, workshops, public events where we bring together stakeholders from different countries, conducted with the aim of generating tools and services for ...

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Socio-environmental safeguards

The project “Safeguards: challenges of a new development”  aims at contributing to…

UNASUR - tvsur
Participation of COSIPLAN

The project ""Strengthening citizen participation in COSIPLAN and national governments for...

participación unasur

Transparency and access to information in BNDES and COSIPLAN

This complementary project aims to reduce the potential negative impacts of large projects...

Members of the program

Programa Amazonía

The members of the program comprise an interdisciplinary team that allows a comprehensive approach to the various issues

Participation spaces


Perú UNASUR Group

Collective of various civil organizations seeking to contribute from their own areas of action...


Regional Coalition for Participation and Transparency

Alliance of social organizations working to build good governance and socio-environmental standards...


Perú COP Group

Network of organizations, unions, NGOs, trade unions, indigenous groups, youth, women, churches, media...


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